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Unitronic AS is a pure service provider who specializes in the repair and maintenance of electro medicine- and laboratory / medical equipment. Unitronic AS has operated in this market for many years and has built up a great deal of expertise in providing cost effective, high quality solutions. There are currently more than 20 contractors using Unitronic technical service. Unitronic is a freestanding producer and completely vendor-independent. 


Norway has a law that regulates the handling on medical equipment, and here follows a short excerpt of the definition of medical devices (MTU) and electro-medical equipment (EMU)

a) Medical device means any instrument, apparatus, equipment, software, material or other article, whether used alone or in combination, including the software the manufacturer intends it to be used specifically for diagnostic and / or therapeutic purposes and necessary for proper use, and which is intended to be used on humans, for:
1. Diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease,
2. Diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, alleviation or compensation for injury or handicap,
3. Investigation, replacement or modification of the anatomy or of a physiological process, or
4. Contraception, and in which the desired main action in or on the human body is provoked by pharmacological or immunological effects or by affecting the metabolism, but where such effects contribute to its function.
b) electro-medical equipment means any medical device, including system solutions, which depends on a source of electrical energy to function.


Division of Labour:
Division of Labour - work locally will vary based on local expertise, organization and resources.

Any object that is not a technology, but which by the manufacturer are specifically designed for use with the medical-technical equipment so that it can be used as the manufacturer intended.

System solutions:
With system solutions understood medical device that interacts with ICT products / systems, where the intended application (ref. MDD) is diagnosis, monitoring and / or treatment of people on medical parole. Communication takes place via network between server systems, databases and / or other storage media.






Our organization

We have large and modern premises at Dikemark in Asker. The building was redesigned especially for our purposes.
Unitronic currently consists of 10 people including 8 staff work directly with technical service of medical technical- and electro medical equipment.

The company has since its inception in 1988 built up a very broad expertise, a high service level and a solid economy.

Unitronic AS has an ownership and a board which are thinking long-term. This is reflected in the investments that have been made in recent years in IT systems, quality systems, infrastructure and gauges. These investments are helping to ensure that our customers receive a professional service and that further growth will go smoothly.

Unitronic has credit rating of AAA by Dunn & Bradstreet. This is the highest attainable rating. We've had this for several years. The company has solid equity, and over the past 10 years we’ve had significant growth with positive results every year.


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Our customers
  • Our customers and clients are ranging from municipal health sector, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment for public and private hospitals.
  • We have framework-agreements on service medical equipment in a number of municipalities and here we have total responsibility for the nursing homes.
  • We also have cooperation with medical engineering department at several public hospitals and total responsibility for medical technical maintenance and service in some private hospitals.
  • We can repair most electro medical equipment in hospitals, nursing homes, veterinarians, private laboratories, physicians' offices, clinics etc. We are trained by the manufacturer / supplier of the equipment.
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Our service engineers have in addition to general education a large number of service classes with manufacturers and suppliers. Unitronic has training from the factory on the offered equipment. Should you repair electro medical equipment whose use is associated with particular risks you must have permission from the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB). This requirement is in regulation on 14 December 1993 no. 1133 concerning the qualifications for electricians (FKE) § 14 no. 2 with guidance.

Unitronic systematically works with internal training on general electro-medical expertise. The company is also a training company in our industry. We are proud to be part of creating tomorrow's medicine technicians.





Quality system

Unitronic AS is using a quality system based on ISO 13485: 2003 (Standard medical devices quality system). The system is regularly audited by our clients and us. We have a clear policy on the use of quality system as a living document where both positive and negative deviations are documented and analysed. Thereafter we share the results with our employees and clients. This, alongside regular audits, helps to ensure that we can deliver our services with optimum quality.


We are member of Medtek Norge      Logo luft til nett3 medl. Medtek NorgeWe are a company member of Medisinsk teknisk Forening    cropped MTF logo trans gron blaa




Safety and documentation system

The company has a dedicated HMS handbook and is actively working with such issues. The organization also has its own safety representatives to safeguard workers' interests in such matters.

Our documentation system Medusa contains all relevant data to ensure all data. All the equipment’s history will be recorded such as services etc. are easy to follow. Medusa is Web-based so that both our clients and customers can have access to the database. If desired, simply contact us for a username and password. All service reports of work done can be submitted electronically by e-mail in PDF format. All data is secured with dual servers in different fireproof rooms.  Here you can read more about SoftPro and Medusa

Alle service rapporter på utført arbeid kan også leveres elektronisk på mail i PDF format. Alle data er sikret med doble servere i forskjellige brannsikre rom.


Here you can read more about SoftPro og Medusa



Safety and documentation system