Nordisk service

European network

We are members of TIMANT which a European network of independent service companies is. Through this network we can provide service in both Nordic and European level.
Through the network we have a binding cooperation across national boundaries so that you as the client is always ensured to have available service capacity.

We are the only one in our industry in Norway that get this award and is a member of TIMANT. TIMANT says about its members:
"The award" Member of TIMANT "stands for first-class service and reliability at the very highest level. Every member of the service network has proven records, many years of experience and fulfils the requirements for high quality expected by TIMANT and its industrial partners. Service providers are selected overusing stated criteria and are regularly reviewed. "

Through this network, we can offer service agreements that cover the entire nordic market. ( nordic service)

Our partners here are
Nortechs Medical AB in Sweden,
Intermed OY in Finland,

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