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Since 2006 we have been approved as a training company and since then have always had an apprentice. Altogether there are 5 people who have received a certificate from us and two of them are currently employed as medical service technicians here. Having an apprentice is to show responsibility and therefore have higher demands to other service engineers, because they will also engage in training the apprentice.


Apprentices work a lot in the workshop at the start under expert guidance. Apprentices receive training in several different types of instruments and in medicine- and laboratory techniques.

Meanwhile, the candidate receives a thorough grounding in regulations and our quality procedures. When the apprentice masters a greater number of instruments they are allowed out on major service contracts with a trained and certified technician. The apprentice also has to be able to work mostly independently on a defined group of devices. Before such work is carried out, the apprentice is planning the mission too.
Qualifying examination consists of several elements:

  • Troubleshooting 3 different types of device.
  • Having knowledge of laws and regulations especially on electric safety
  • Being able to plan a greater service mission.



The last two candidates who have taken the examination with us were rated «excellent», and the education office is very pleased with what we manage to get out of the apprenticeship. This makes Unitronic AS an attractive training company.

Three years after apprenticeship, the candidates can apply for DSB consent. Two apprentices have completed this course towards the DSB-consent here at Unitronic. They first became a certified computer electronics technician and next medicine technicians.