Kommune Norge

Municipal Norway


We perform more than just pure service. For a number of municipalities, we accept full responsibility for operation and maintenance of their electro-medical equipment.

We help nursing homes, hospitals and doctors' offices with the mandatory and statutory EMU control. 


The advantage for you as a customer is that you can relate to only one service point.
Typical instruments and equipment we work with in nursing homes are:

  • C-pap
  • patient lifters
  • blood pressure apparatus
  • oxygen concentrators
  • infusion pumps
  • nutrition pumps
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • autoclaves
  • sterilizers
  • AEDs
  • refrigerator for medicines


Remember that it is you as users that is obliged to ensure that the equipment is regularly maintained and are safe to use on patients. Maintenance should be planned and documented. Intervals we agree between us and Unitronic follow it up by sending reminders for periodic maintenance. Lately, we have noticed an increased focus on health from the local electrical authority DLE, which is the supervisory authority in this area.


FOR-2013-11-29-1373 is the law in Norway. 
Regulations on handling medical equipment says in § 11.Vedlikehold, alterations and repairs.
"Maintenance of medical equipment shall be planned, systematic and based on the equipment's  equipment's manual and a risk assessment, so that the equipment at any time is safe and can be used without danger. Performed maintenance, modifications and repairs of medical equipment must be documented»


The regulations aim to ensure that medical devices does not endanger patients, users and any other persons safety in connection with the production,construction, sale and use of such equipment..

Directorate of Health said that all wrong, injury, accident and failure where medical equipment is or may have been involved and correction, withdrawal, changes in labeling or instructions, shall without undue delay be reported. The notification requirement applies regardless of personal injury.


Our web-based system for registration of equipment, Medusa, keeps track of all their equipment. Here you as a user login to find information. Full details of the devices detected, and that one can follow the equipment service history and location. We are the first company in Norway that implemented Medusa and gradually it has become the leading system for registration of /control of medical devices in health-Norway.

Here yuo can read more about Medusa and SoftPro



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